However you found yourself here, I’m glad you could make it.

After many years of toying with the idea, I’ve finally taken the steps to erect my own modest little corner on the internet. Over the past decade or so I’ve dedicated most of my time and creative resources to developing and producing other artists, and while a few of my own songs, stories and poetry emerged here and there along the way and were shared on several ‘social media’ sites, I just couldn’t fully justify creating a site dedicated solely to Me in the absence of (what has now become a very popular term) “content“.

While I’ve been writing both music as well as literary expressions for well over two decades, my approach has been — to say the least — rather non-linear and slightly… disorganized.
Over the past year, my ‘time pieces’ have been ticking ever louder, however, and the necessity to organize and make available these varied musings has really been brought to bear.

This site exists, therefore, as a response to those inner trends, and will remain an “open project” going forward. One which I’m thrilled to be sharing with You.
All I ask is that you keep in mind the fact that I've chosen to build and maintain this web site largely without the assistance of extraneous forces such as management/ PR firms, "music biz" types, "social media strategists", etc. (although I'm very grateful to a young multi-talented artist in Atlanta, GA for helping me get this beast off the ground!), and as a result, you're dealing with a truly independent artist -- for better or for worse.

I CAN guarantee that any correspondence will actually be from ME to YOU -- directly -- and if you're anything like me, authenticity matters.

That being said, I hope something resonates and you’ll come back often…

Jon Mychal