With hope…

… I enter yet another transition.


And so, perhaps today is the perfect one to wrap up another song:

“Off… on your own… where all of the pretty things go…”

Indeed. :)

Jon Mychal — Toronto/May 30 2010


And today’s lesson is…

… the actions of others will always reinforce that pesky word:


It’s a beautiful day, otherwise… sunny and clear…

I want to see a UFO.







Jon Mychal — Toronto/May 30 2010


The Circle

Listless, I spent this afternoon reviewing touch-ups on final master recordings for one of my clients, all the while distracted by the continuing “ripple effect” of last night’s dreams — or at least, the ones I recall:

Matt Damon (!!??) was a bartender in a deserted subway station; his concern for my well-being only further reinforced by his offer to mix me a triple vodka and orange juice — providing I wasn’t “on anything” (not a drink I profess any affinity for, as those of you who know me will attest to!).

As I glugged his preparation, terribly distraught, the trains started again quite suddenly.  People had grown impatient with the wait, and so took to the tunnels both on foot, and on bicycle.  While I was spared the imminent gore visually, the shock and horror were undeniable.

Later, famous producer Daniel Lanois and I — with the assistance of my recently deceased Jack Russell extraordinaire Nicholas Peter Bentley (go well, my sweet boy: Dec 30 1995 — Apr 16 2010) searched a dark landscape — in vain — for an audio component so as to finalize a recording for a world that could no longer hear…

Paul L. (my real-world source for pro audio gear over the past 7yrs) met the three of us in a remote location — a gathering with a tone reminiscent of rum-runners in the prohibition era — and delivered the dire news that the specific audio gear was eluding him.

How, then, were we to save the deaf??  If the heavyweight team of Daniel Lanois and my reanimated pup were powerless to act, the prognosis was a grim one at best…

(side-note: Paul L. has actually seemingly ‘vanished’ in the real world — inexplicably)


So what to make of these rippling waves, then?  What is the inherent value of said, and subsequent message from my psyche?

In feeling-tones, I indulge:

And so, my dear circle, know that while I have yet to wobble the cobblestones of Prague with you,

or sleep on the red earth under Utah’s bright moon;

that Milan and Cologne have passed us by, but Tokyo still remains;

Santa Monica has not yet fallen in to the Ocean…

… and the Erie beach ruins stand megalithically — waiting…

I will always Love you…

Jon Mychal — Toronto/ May 27 2010


Tokyo came to me…

Along with his bride, Mr. Magyrossy graced me with his presence those weeks ago:  the photographs on my fridge — wonderfully  askew — bear a poetic witness to it.

Ink and music; wine and smoke… we indulged each other until ‘The Fade’TM set in…

And so, my friends, it seems you brought Tokyo to me, and I am still reflecting on that magical fold in time where we regaled each other… and look forward with great anticipation to the next installment in our ongoing saga: 12 years and counting.  Beautiful!

Jon Mychal — Toronto/ May 27 2010


Just another day…

… and as such, seemingly unremarkable as it rolls out.

Yet not so, for it marks two significant occasions:  The end of an era… and the commencement of another.

Cryptic, I know, but stay tuned…

While my web site continues to undergo offline changes in architecture, thrust/direction and aesthetics, I felt compelled — on a whim — to create this space as a “temporary bridge”, whereby I can communicate my thoughts, experiences, and creative momentum with any and all who have expressed an interest in my work through other e-venues (Myspace, Facebook, www.jonmychal.com, associated content, etc.).

To my old friends, I send a “thank you” for following my journey over the years and in to this “new era”.  To the new friends, I look forward to meeting and corresponding with you personally,  and extend a warm greeting and invitation to join me on this path of creative exploration and expression.

I welcome any and all feedback, so keep active!

Thanks for dropping by…

Jon Mychal — Toronto/ May 7 2010