“I’ll have a large coke — no ice…”

The future is NOW.

… a statement we’ve all heard at some point across this fat and spoiled continent, most likely in a fast food joint.

This past weekend, while out for brunch (see “Stuff white people like” www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com), ‘Mother Nature’ /aka Gaia /aka ‘The Goddess’TM, etc. came calling, and off to the ‘lieu’ we went (I know how it sounds, but it wasn’t like that — get your mind out of the gutter!).

As I stood there, thinking (among other things), I couldn’t help but notice the presence of, and then question the ‘wisdom’ behind needing to fill a urinal basin with fresh ice cubes?!

(My male readers will undoubtedly relate to this phenomenon, and yes, girls — this does actually happenat “fine restaurants” and bars everywhere)

There's complimentary ice in the washroom...

When I returned to the table, the absurdity lingered, and I mentioned it to my ‘galPal’TM, who was understandably surprised by this practice.

As most of you are aware, this is the week that Toronto will host one of the largest geo-political events to date: the G20 Summit.  Along with the puffed up politicians from as many countries, there will be an accompanying litany of strident protesters — like reverse groupies, almost.

In addition to poverty, globalization, and bad fashion sense (shame on you, fur trade), the opposition will also be lamenting the shortage of clean water in third world and developing countries.  A serious concern indeed. I’m sensing that you’re with me.

Liquid diamonds...


So I’m pissing on what a villager somewhere else would — with desperate gratitude — gladly trade for a “shiny stone” they happened to find in the parched and depleted soil of their arid climate.

That very stone — depending upon it’s size and weight — could, in the wacky west, afford me a mansion, the car of my dreams, early retirement, and likely a personalized squad of *cheerleaders to help me enjoy it all…

*(yeah, like from an “adult” film.)

One thing I would NOT have to concern myself with on this hypothetical spending spree would be the business of locating fresh, clean water… nor would I have to pay a dime for it:  hell, every up-scale establishment from here to L.A would have urinals full of it, available to me just like the complimentary mints in the porcelain bowls at the maitre d’ stations of said places…

mmmmmmmm... satisfying the outer self. (looks can be deceiving)

How skewed this picture is:








For those of you who have seen the documentaries ‘Flow’ and/or ‘Blue Gold’, which deal with the water shortage/crisis facing most of the world’s population, there might be an extra layer of contempt for this practice. For those of you who haven’t, please do…

… you might find yourself giving those who fore-go the ice (when ordering colossal portions of liquid sugar) a ‘pass’.

Theatre of the absurd.

mmmmmmmmmmmm... satisfying the inner self.











(sidenote:  It’s raining again.  Yummmmmmm)


Jon Mychal — Toronto/June 22 2010


Movement and Shift


(June 16 2010)

Staring out the window at the tonal sky, glass in hand…

Waiting for that wrinkle to once again manifest;

A pinching of senses;

funneled through a thick-glassed bottom;

Modern nostalgia loops behind me,

While the wind whistles through the joint and tousles the curtains…

Too bright yet to fire up the candles;

So patiently I sit in the fleeting light, waiting to expand my art;

The latest contributor rather predictably tardy…

Past, present and future dance across aforementioned tonal sky… then coalesce,

Forming new thought patterns vaguely reminiscent of the before:

This night is an old friend…

Jon Mychal — Toronto/June 18 2010


“It is what it is”… or is it…??

Some things hit one’s proverbial RADAR with the force of an Atom bomb — or a silvery disk, traveling at impossible speeds; the inhabitants of which grinning wildly while tipping back fizzy, intergalactic potions in a reckless fashion.  Either illustration works, for both serve to convey a profound occurrence or event that is unmistakably real.

To this, I submit the very real proliferation of yet another timely ‘catch phrase’ which has been appearing on my ‘RADAR screen’ with greater frequency as of late (the past 5-6 months), and as such, with ever-lessening significance and inherent worth:

‘It is what it is’TM

Sound familiar?

Has anyone really thought about what this statement actually means?

Beyond being a lazy ‘crap-out’ for those who can’t be bothered to apply some energy to the proper articulation and hence, crystallization of their thoughts, it more importantly suggests a lack of choice, decision, and culpability in the outcome of any given situation.

Here’s an example in practical application, with a proposed ‘rectifier’ provided:

Person A) “We were really hoping to go to *insert amusement park of choice here* today — why did it have to be so rainy and crappy out!?”

Person B) “Oh well — ‘it is what it is’TM.”

Rectifier: Person B) “I know!!  I effin’ HATE when this happens!!!  You know what??  Let’s go to the A G O instead… then dinner… then catch a flick.”

Quite a stretch, this pro-active stance… but why not at least try??

(I was going to provide a series of similar and equally banal examples, but the mere thought of illustrating such an anemic, ambivalent and blanket response has actually soured my mood.)

It remains the constitutional right of any free person to assume the position that this entire subject is a waste of time; that Erich Fromm’s concept of “the struggle against pointlessness” is, in itself, a losing wager, and everything really ‘is what it is’TM.

To such thinking, I simply cannot relate.

My appeal is to those who pride themselves on being thoughtful, decisive individuals, having avoided being intellectually and creatively gelded or otherwise lobotomized by currents in pop culture.  We all do, after all, have choice.

It’s sexy to exercise it… :)

Jon Mychal — Toronto/June 14 2010



I woke up to the sound of coin-sized raindrops bouncing off of the large skylight over my bed.  It’s odd how something so loud and aggressive-sounding can actually promote a sense of calm?

Sifting through emails, the invite to this year’s NXNE party at Joao Carvalho Mastering was among those that escaped my ‘trash can’.

This annual party is getting better each year — lots of great food and drinks, and some really cool bands!  I was impressed by the line-up last year, and can only imagine how they plan to outdo themselves this time around! :)

So now I have a quandary:  who do I bring to this ‘FunFest’TM???

Sara Carvalho to me:  “We’d love for you and your artists to come out and help us celebrate…”

Hmmm.  Which ones??  I have a bunch and they’re all “starving”!!

Perhaps I’ll hold a raffle among them… or they can draw straws… 😉

Anyway, this is going to be fun — Sat. June 19th ain’t that far away!!

Jon Mychal — Toronto/June 9 2010



Someone just wrote to me privately and brought to my attention that — just 9 days before Dan’s near-fatal accident — I had posted a vivid dream where he, along with my newly deceased dog Nicholas, were helping me to save music from ” a dark place”.

(see ‘The Circle’ — posted on May 27th)


My metaphysically-minded friends will undoubtedly have a field day with this one…  😉

From a Universe alternate to ‘That One’, I say:

It’s Good to Be “HERE”, cuz ‘HERE IS WHAT IS’…  :)

(although I wish Nick was “HERE”, too… :(  )

Jon Mychal — Toronto/ June 8 2010