Halcyon Reflections

(partial Journal excerpt)

8pm-ish. I just found a seat in a place that — while it makes all the sense in the world — I have yet to journal from this location even once in the 6 years or so that I’ve owned this book!

Rocket Ship Park“.

Indeed, from earliest childhood memories, through some rather blurry, almost “implied” remembrances as recently as ’06, ’07 and early ’08 (in order: L. P., L. M., A. P.).

Now I find myself discarding those brief “one offs”, instead feeling more comfortable (oddly?) thinking about my teens — the 80s — Bill. S., etc. (although I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the FINE times I had here with Rebecca H. in ’98! RIP my friend).

Tonight, the weather is great: coolish, yet calm — a wonderful respite from the semi-tropical, balmy, and tumultuous weather patterns this last summer has been famous for… and the HUMIDITY!! gawd! :(

Anyway, a fine night indeed…



Jon Mychal / Toronto — Aug 20 2010