Re-emergence — PT 2

Tonight I ran an errand which took me through forested decades, shimmering incandescence, and long shadows possessing their own personal nicknames. Not surprisingly, the ‘thought mill’ shifted in to high productivity, and I sat down in the textured night, so as to bask in the yield:

In the post that precedes this — ‘Re-emergence — PT 1’ — I had eluded to expanding on the original sentiments put forth.

That was on Oct. 22.

In the weeks that have passed, I’ve come to realize that “part one” — while making more available to the blogosphere my recent dramatic events — was posted well after “part two” had actually been written.

Aaah… that wonderful non-linear approach to story-telling that both Hollywood and the literary landscape have revealed to us!

Basically — and where this specific event is concerned — I’ve been journaling in “analogue mode” since late August — as in, paper and pen.
‘Old school’.

(side note:the tablet in which this latest observing, musing and pondering has been recorded was actually first christened in July of 2004)

Revealed within those recent entries was far more than I even remembered scribing, and a melancholic yet satisfied ‘knowing’ has set in.
Gone, then, is my need to hash ‘it’ out here, as ‘it’ is tidily aging between the covers of a distressed ‘Hilroy’ as I type…

I’m thinking that one day — when it “feels right” — I’ll transcribe all of those greasy entries; ‘book-end’ the decade, and possibly even bind them, making them available to any who might be curious… otherwise, I’m okay with leaving them in the analogue world… where light and space soften things… and the edges ‘dither’, like an old celluloid film…

Jon Mychal — Toronto/ Nov 11 2010