I’m sitting on “the Bench” in ‘Section 51’ — Mt. Pleasant cemetery. I haven’t sat here since last summer… before the fire… doesn’t feel like it’s been that long? The place — the experience here — all seem timeless. In fact, it was on this very bench; just a year ago, that I finally broke a 4 month spell of writer’s block: It took the death of Nicholas to get my pen flowing again, and at that — reluctantly.

I recall spewing about the “misfire” of a relationship I’d briefly experienced with S…. — something I was profoundly ashamed of doing, I realized. But Nicholas…THAT was the SINGULARITY of my adult life. STILL hurts like I can’t describe — although thankfully, with less frequency. Even so, the date is fast approaching: APRIL 16th it will be a YEAR.

So strange; So impossible to “square away” — so inevitable… for all of us.

I miss & love you always, buddy — Daddy Loves You!


Jon Mychal / Toronto — Apr 9 2011

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