Extended Bio

Magic hands…

As a departure from the familiar modes associated with alt./industrial/rock/pop, his unique and holistic approach has not gone unnoticed over the years by various artists outside of the rock arena.  This can be evidenced on eclectic musical endeavours ranging from underground hip hop artists ‘KDB‘ and ‘Mr. O’ to major label artists such as R+B singer Glenn Lewis and singer/songwriter Laura Deviato.

Extensive performance, writing and production credits extend beyond to mainstream radio-friendly artists Angelica Montesano (2004), Peter Kraft’s ‘Nothing you’d wish away’ (2005) Dan Shaw (2007) and Daniel Lewandowski (2010), with liberal amounts of moodiness and atmosphere still found in the songs of  Jaclyn Britton (2005), Sarah Casselman (2006), ’Inventing Necessity‘ s ‘Honeycomb Rooms’ (2009), Gabriel Altrows ‘City Weather and the Miracles of Modern Technology’ (2010),  andTristan Ledingham‘s ‘Crash In To Me’ (2012).

So as not to exclude anyone, the odd hardcore/punk record also bears Jon’s signature, as the debut album of Toronto’s ‘The Delinquints‘ “Live Your Life Like it’s Stolen” (2008) will attest.

Artists have traveled from Guatemala, Germany, Vancouver, Montreal,
and Queen st. west to work with Jon Mychal. The trend continues…

In addition, Jon’s original compositions have been heard in various commercial applications, including instructional videos for ’THE SYSTEM‘ (Russian Martial Arts), and on Canada’s MuchMusic since 1995.

Jon Mychal is currently in the studio writing and recording his first solo album in over twelve years.  A  release date is tentatively set for late summer/early fall of 2012.

(*station ID’s, show openers, and between 2001 and 2005, the critically
recognized and internationally aired annual ‘MuchMusic Video Awards’
[MMVA’s], where he co-wrote, performed and produced all of the
original music, winning an award in 2004 for ‘Best Original Music’ in NYC.)


His first band found Jon playing songs by The Police, The Cars, Van Halen,
Motorhead, Black Sabbath and KISS, interlaced with original music
inspired by British new wave rockers David Bowie, Talking Heads
and The Cure.
The remaining teen years saw him in several bands, all in the hard
rock/metal vein, with an experimental leaning towards integrating
classical, industrial, and rap in the late 80′s/early 90′s in the bands ‘Brooklyn Wells‘ and ‘Denizen Friend‘.


1994′s ‘Three Pound Universe‘ marked the beginning of a solo career
whereby Jon received a (F.A.C.T.O.R) grant from the Department of Canadian
Heritage to compose, arrange and produce an album. Entitled ‘Strange
Attractors’ and featuring Jon’s multi-instrumental approach, the CD’s
release was ill-fated as legal issues arose surrounding the name, which
resulted in the postponement and ultimate shelving of the project.

Not to be discouraged, Jon formed ‘The Matinee Idols‘ in mid 1996, and
after a few additional changes, took the project in to the studio in late
1997 under the revamped name ‘New Atomic Collective‘. The next
year and a half was spent recording the band’s first EP ‘Harmonic
Divisions and Cosmic Rays Vol.1′, which enjoyed positive peer review and
a limited domestic release on indie label Planet X Music in the
summer of 1999.

It’s rare these days to hear rock music that doesn’t sound like
somebody else. But Toronto’s (Jon Mychal and) New Atomic Collective sound like
nobody but…
New Atomic Collective. Oh, there is a little modern Brit-pop here…
but for the most part, I’ve never heard anything like this… this, boys
and girls, is intelligent pop songwriting…”

(review of 1999′s NEW ATOMIC COLLECTIVE ‘Harmonic Divisions and
Cosmic Rays – Vol.1′ ‘The Daily Vault’ 01/2000 http://www.dailyvault.com/toc.php5?review=974 )

Soon after, local musicians started calling and asking if he would co-write
and produce their music, and 2001 found him busy traveling between
Toronto and New York, working with artists in genres as varied as
spoken word (Daniel Magyrossy‘s “Mama’s Cherries” — 2000), hip hop (Stay-X “Hard on It” — 2001), and alternative/world-beat/electronica (Rene Saada — 2001).
Early 2003 saw a permanent return to Toronto, a “personal
recalibration”, and the inception of ‘The Sonic Spa’ in mid 2004, where
he can be found currently, carving out niche music with some of the most
talented and creative artists out there.


• Jon’s poetry was published internationally in 1997 (anthology ‘An Open Window’ *Hidden Brook Press*) and again in 1998 (anthology ‘No Love Lost’ *Hidden Brook Press*).

• Indie film credits include the documentary ‘LAND’, which he co-directed and scored.

• The currently in-production ‘art house’ pic ‘The Kings and the Ghosts on the Road’ — wrote, directed, scored and starred in.

• His selected works of poetry, essays, and short stories spanning the years from 1996 to 2008 are scheduled to be published in one volume late in 2012.

It is aptly titled ’12′.

• He is still working on his first integrated media novel entitled
‘The Last Song’…