I’m planning on an early winter release date for ‘Book 1’, but if you can’t wait until then…


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‘One More’  (mp3)

     “Another hopeful trip down the rabbit hole; there’s a chance, which collides with the ghosts when they say: ‘yeah… the lies and hurts of One More day’…”


‘Feel’ (mp3)

    “All on the yesterdays — they were always in chains, yeah… and all of the gilded smiles would fade away — they never stay…”



    “We could be strong — despite this — still got a friend in You, after all… and now I’ve seen it all through how many times… still… waiting for You…”


‘RIDE’(mp3)    “I don’t mind you coming ’round, and wasting all my time — it’s not the way you break the bread or the way that you spill our wine, no…”.


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