THE CARSThe tunnel, glowing bright… like a radioactive worm, fat and proud… colours seen  ‘in bloom’; loud…

He didn’t say it, but Campbell told me “You can’t go back…”

Fragments of those days; Don Mills memories – now a legacy act to the collector.


Jon Mychal / Toronto — Apr 17 2015




Remy, Myself and I…

Suck it up...

Suck it up…

It’s amazing how fast Remy Martin VSOP turns you in to ‘the creepy old guy’™.

Apologies in advance.








Jon Mychal / Toronto — Apr 17 2015


You’re So Beautiful…

… up there chiquita pepperon your pixel green embankment; seemingly spared from the storm…

the dials of time stiffened in their odd resistance to the tug of history and consequence;

not sure of your shades from here, but certain they’re vague — after all, the internet is the loneliest place known, and you’re still in hiding… even after all of this.


Jon Mychal / Toronto — July 19 2014







Dr. Faustus — you crazy old kook — you dreamt a lie and then lived it;

There is no ‘Feminine principle’, much less any redemption to be had in its midst.



Jon Mychal / Toronto — March 2 2014




Clancy killed himself a bit more tonight – the grape trouncing speculation:

“Yeah, you reached me.” he said. Stern faced; clipped… queer chords and time signatures stating he was quite literally out of it, this round.

‘Pork pie’ hats a visual sign of these charged times — the clumsy spirals serve to reflect.

Tailored signs of ‘pork pie’ hats reveal an even stranger time… when tuners and ‘feelers’ seem also to be equally muted, even as the metronome strikes.



Jon Mychal  / Toronto – Feb 26 2014