New Album: ‘Analogue Verses’

About the New Album:

‘Analogue Verses’ is a culmination of songs “officially” begun in early 2005, although some sonic ‘wisps’ materialized as early as 2003 under other auspices, and if I really thought about it, likely long before that. After all, my last album was released in the summer of 1999, and while I’ve been busy co-writing and producing countless albums for over a decade with a myriad of talented souls since then, I haven’t exactly neglected my own currents.

The process has been both lengthy and non-linear.

The album title ‘Analogue Verses’ was inspired by the observation that very little we do is “hands on” anymore; instead, the proliferation of digital gadgetry and “solutions” has largely disconnected us from the most visceral experiences found within our anthropological heritage.

“… all lyrics and various poetic notions therein begin this way, in the analogue world.”

The one ritual I can still authentically indulge is the process of putting pen to paper, which I have done regularly since youth.  As a result – and without exception – all lyrics and various poetic notions therein begin this way, in the analogue world. It stands to reason, then, that their musical extensions would also reflect that sentiment with a nostalgic and wistful sensibility, through both nuanced and overt means; stylistically, all the while keeping a relevant footing in the present.

Jon Mychal / Toronto 2012

* These are preliminary mixes that will undergo revisions before the official  EP releases, but I wanted to make YOU part of the process!*




BOOK ONE: Spring 2017


1. Feel
2. Stars (Free Bonus Track)
3. One More
4. Strong
5. Ride
6. MoonGlow
7. Chase You Down (1st sighting)


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BOOK TWO: Fall/Winter 2017

1. Lights
2. Dreamlike
3. Ocean Song
4. Run
5. Castaway
6. ?
7. The Trip