The Process…

He dropped the magic in ONE take — and this was THE ONE! ¬†Barry Murray on ‘Lights’ — The Sonic Spa / July 31 2012 (witnessed by Jay boi as seen on left)

Pics and blurbs — in no particular order — chronicling the coming together of ‘Analogue Verses’ over the past few years!


Barry ‘Bazza’ Murray was a late addition to ‘Analogue Verses’, but in the short while he’s been on-board, several songs have already “leveled up” as a result of his fluid, intuitive approach.

Listen for ‘Baz’ on ‘Lights’, ‘Ocean Song’, ‘Run’, ‘(Why don’t) You’ and others…


Pete Eichstedt killing it in STARS!!
The Recording House (TRH) — Nov. 2011


The settings on my Vox AC-15C1 used to achieve the primary clean guitar sound heard in ‘One More’ — PURE HEAVEN. The Sonic Spa / Feb 2011


‘Dr.Sean’ Gregory keeping his eyes on the meters while Robin Mason hits it home on ‘Ocean Song’ and ‘Rain’
TRH (The Recording House) July 2012


Robin Mason — hitting it home on ‘Ocean Song’!!
TRH (The Recording House) — July 2012


It appears Pete Eichstedt is trying to make ‘Dr.Sean’ Gregory laugh after recording drums for ‘Stars’ and ‘Run’? Always a cool customer, the doc never flinched!
TRH (The Recording House) — Nov. 2011


8 months later, Barry ‘Baz’ Murray brings the magic to ‘Run’: In hindsight, one could call the passage of time that occurred between Pete’s drum session and this night somewhat serendipitous!
The Sonic Spa — July 2012






Stepping up to the mic… this was the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and sang my ass off in ‘Stars’ — The Sonic Spa / Aug 2012










The newly “pimped” Tele was just what I needed (Okay — the modded Strat in the background did some of the lifting, too!) when laying down the preliminary guitar tracks for the new song ‘Step Away’ — The Sonic Spa / July 2012










More photos, videos, and a few ancient spells coming soon!