For those of you who are visual types, scroll down and dig in to this ever-expanding collection of moving pictures which help tell the ongoing story…


‘Chase You Down (1st sighting)’ — as seen on Youtube:



A scintillating peek at the song ‘Roam’ — I was initially going to release this on ‘Book 1’, but changed my mind. I’m thinking ‘Book 2’, or possibly ‘Book 3’… as always, context is everything — stay tuned.



Contrary to popular belief, I, too, have a “day job” — albeit recording, mixing, mastering and producing songs and albums for other artists. Not a far leap from horsing around in the recording studio all day on my own material, but… errr… wait a minute. It’s exactly the same. Except I get paid. What can I say — Life’s good.  Description in video:



Not officially part of ‘Analogue Verses‘, I wrote this song in 2011 as a dedication to one of my favourite pop rock artists — Benjamin Orr from the new wave rock band The Cars.  The song was set to a series of great stills by a fellow Cars fan Claire, who asked if she could use it to make a commemorative video. Of course I was thrilled for her to do so.

‘Orangey Skies (Ben Orr)‘ — as seen on Youtube:



Check back often — more will be going up all the time!